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Find help for your odd jobs plus advertise your skills, plus get rewarded for your referrals!

New website brings locals together

An interesting new website has popped up in the last year - it's like a Craigslist "gig" section in a single website. You can both post jobs that you need done and request professionals to contact you, and you can post your skills so that others will contact you to book jobs.

Referral Fees Paid to Members

Here's the interesting part - the company is set up on a referral word-of-mouth basis. This means instead of paying companies to promote the website, they are paying their members out at a rate of 25% of profits. Plus, it's an ever-growing network which can be used across the United States.

Various Services for Your Home or Business

Regardless whether the company survives and continues to pay members, it's a great resource for finding locals that can help you with projects or fill the need with a specialty. There are all types of services, skills, and types of requests on this site including:

Handyman services
Film and Editing Services
Labor and Moving
Website design
Creative Services
Corporate Training & Workshops
Virtual Staffing
Event Promotion
Fence Building
Plumbing, Electrical, and Building Contractors
...and much more!

Post your skills today or find other professionals who can help you check a few items off your task list! Whether you're looking for services for your home or business, this is a great place to start:

Need other types of services for your business?

Hire writers
Corporate Workshops / Teambuilding
Geo Marketing for Brick and Mortar Stores

RETAILERS: Drive in customers with customer loyalty mobile app

Customer Loyalty Mobile App with push notifications and geo targeting
For years the small business marketing question has been, "How do you get customers into your store?" Businesses can hire the best employees, provide the perfect atmosphere and even run print specials and coupons in local media but none of this does any good unless customers come into the store!

Now, with the advances in technology with geo targeting and mobile applications, retailers and small business owners have an option for an all-in-one solution that engages and rewards customers. A new customer loyalty mobile app now provides the technology to give customers instant and easy access to customer loyalty punch cards, push notification specials, and opportunities to talk about their favorite establishment on social media. It's a simple mobile app but it has the power to keep customers coming back to any establishment.

What types of stores should look at using this app?
Restaurants | Coffee Shops | Bookstores | Hardware Stores | Outdoor and Sporting Goods Stores | Nail and Hair Salons | Marijuana Stores | Shoe Stores | Liquor Stores | Wine Stores | Grocery Stores and Markets | Thrift Stores | Flower Shops | Clothing Stores | Craft Stores | Ice Cream Shops | Candy Stores | Any retail location that relies on customer traffic!

What are the key advantages of the app?
FREE to your customers | Rewards customers with customized specials | Keep customers coming back with loyalty punch cards | Cutting edge technology | Geo targeting allows push notifications to customers near your store | Streamline social media efforts and get exposure with customer-initiated marketing

Now, you (the store owner) can customize and try different specials everyday or every hour depending on what's working with your customers! Don't wait for months buying into group promotion specials and then watching your profit go somewhere else. You're in control and you decide when, where, and what to offer customers.

Take a look at this exciting new tool and start seeing results:

Colorado Springs Resources You May Not Know About

There are times when you need information and there are times when you're just curious. Either way, here are some resources in Colorado Springs that you may not know about.

El Paso County Assessor Property Search
Want to look up information on your home, including square feet, sales history, title information? The Assessor's site provides a wealth of free public information on any address. You can even be nosy and see what your neighbors paid for the their home, the mailing address for the property (often an indication if the owner lives out-of-state), or the square footage of the home. All you need is either the address, last name, or schedule number which is located on your property tax bill you've recently paid. Even broader searches are helpful, like all the neighbors names on your street when you can't remember what "that dude's" name is every time you pass him walking his dog. In fact, once you've entered an address take a look at the left column menu for parcel maps, how the property is zoned, and even an opportunity to create your own comparable search if you're buying or selling:

Small Business Development Center
Are you starting a new business or wanting some assistance with your current business? Entrepreneurs and small business are missing great opportunities if they're not aware of their local Small Business Development Center (SBDC). We have one right here in Colorado Springs with professional coaches and mentors to consult, guide, and provide information to help you run your business better. From a library of FREE eLearning videos (covering topics like Starting Up, Managing Finances, Foundations of Marketing, etc) to workshops and resources to help you meet tax laws, there is an abundant amount of resources at SBDC Colorado Springs. Here's the best part - most of them are FREE and no matter what size your business, they are here to help you succeed. Sign up for the newsletter, join them on Twitter, and talk to a representative today to help recommend a custom plan of action. Start now at

City Crime Maps
First of all, if you've never been to you need to visit the website to see all the resources available. Whether you want to reserve a pavilion at a park, pay your parking ticket, or watch a live city council meeting there are many resources that we're confident you don't know about.
One specifically is crime maps and data. If you're preparing to move it's a valuable resource to investigate and one of the top questions people ask real estate agents. Unfortunately, real estate agents could get themselves in trouble by providing you their opinions on "the best areas to live" so often you'll be required to do your own research. Educate yourself, do your research, and if you're looking at renting or buying a specific property, make sure it's not on the meth lab list!

Resume Writing Assistance
On a lighter note, keeping your resume updated is sometimes tough, especially if you're not familiar with the latest accepted styles and trends. You can certainly pay a professional to help you create the ideal resume but there are also free resources through Pikes Peak Workforce Center (PPWFC). Specifically, workshops and one-on-one advisers to help you update your resume. Obviously, this is crucial if you're looking for a job in Colorado Springs and PPWFC can provide job listings, computer training, career planning and more to encourage you along the way. Check out the variety of resources (again, almost all free to you):

We hope this short list has opened your eyes to new opportunities, information, and resources. Certainly, there are many more gems in Colorado Springs that the average citizen may not be familiar with so we'd love to hear from you on what we forgot that needs to be mentioned. Please leave your comments below or contact us with your suggestions:


Five 5Ks in Colorado Springs that help charities

If you're a runner, there are plenty of local 5K's in the Colorado Springs area. If you're not a runner, now's the time to start! A 5K run is an excellent way to beginning a new type of fitness and check something off your bucket list.
There are plenty of 5K's (5 kilometer race = 3.1 miles) to choose from that are simply events to participate in, but there are a select few where you can also give back to your community through helping support a cause or raising money for a charity. Take a look at our Top FIVE 5k races happening soon where your participation can make real a difference:

Chick-fil-A 5th annual Patriots' Festival: Hometown Hero 5K
Saturday, September 12 2015
The Chick-fil-A on Garden of the Gods organizes and supports this local event called the Patriots' Festival. It includes the Walk Ride Run for Heroes and you're able to select whichever race or event fits your interests and fitness level. From a Walk in the park, to a 43-mile bike ride, there are plenty of options.  For runners, the Hometown Heroes 5K is a no brainer to help support local charities that honor our police, fire, EMS and military personnel.  Also, if you fit any of those categories, you'll get an additional $5 discount off registration. Even if you aren't ready to participate in one of the races, the event is FREE and open to anyone.
Twitter: eatmorchikinCOS
NOTE: They've also announced if you register during early bird registration (by April 16th) you'll be entered to win FREE Chick-fil-A for a year. 

Ks for Kenya
Saturday, April 11 2015
Organized by GlobeMed (a student group at Colorado College), this race helps support the Western Organization of People Living with HIV/AIDS (WOPLAH).

Springs Rescue Mission 5K
Whether a family or individual is homeless or simply struggling to make ends meet, Springs Rescue Mission has been a key advocate for the Colorado Springs community since 1996. They help an average of 4,500 families per year. Now, it's your turn to help at this family-friendly walk/run to help support and raise funds for the Springs Rescue Mission.

Kickin' it for Kids Classic
Saturday, May 9th 2015
Remember how much fun summer camp was growing up? There are kids who have never experience the joy and life-changing opportunity to attend a camp. Run this 5k to help raise money for kids who want to attend a Young Life camp.

Springs Spree 5K
Saturday, June 14 2015
Help raise money for the Cerebral Palsy Association of Colorado Springs

Need to train before committing to a race? Join a MeetUp group
Want to volunteer for a race? Click here for more info
Need an app to help get started? Check out Couch to 5K

3 great phone apps for enjoying Colorado Springs: Search, locate, review and be rewarded

There are plenty of events, restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues in Colorado Springs to keep your social life busy. Whether you're into bike riding or live entertainment, there is something for everyone.
Better yet, there are even phone apps to help you search, locate and be rewarded for your discoveries.  Check out these 3 apps that will help you in your Colorado Springs area social adventures:

Foursquare: The Ultimate City Guide
This is the must-have app which can be used throughout the world, but was started in New York so it works best in the United States. This app helps people search, locate and rate any location.  Whether you're looking for a great restaurant, shopping mall, or shoe repair store you'll find it with Foursquare along with tips and reviews from other users. You can even create searches for restaurant which may have items that meet your tastes honing in on specific things like cilantro, martinis, or strawberry shortcake.
Click here to download for Apple, Android, or Windows platforms.

IndyScene: What to do around town
Foursquare will help you find establishments, but you'll want the Colorado Springs Indy Scene app to find events, concerts, and happy hour specials throughout town. It's one of the most extensive community calendars which includes surrounding area events as well. The app is easy to use and events are searchable by day and category.

ReceiptHog: Get rewarded for your shopping
What did you buy today? Groceries? Quick trip to Target? Pet supplies? Now you can get rewarded for all these things, plus more.  Most retailers, including grocery stores like King Soopers, are eligible purchases to help you earn points towards cash or gift cards. Just take a picture of your receipt with your phone and watch the rewards pile up. It's easy and slightly addictive. Unfortunately, restaurants and gas fill ups don't count but there are plenty of other ways to earn points. Sign up here for a 10 additional bonus points to help get you started:

Great volunteer opportunities around Colorado Springs

If you're looking for a rewarding way to spend some of your extra time, there are many organizations throughout the Colorado Springs area that need volunteers! Take a look at some of these great opportunities to get more involved in your local community to get connected with runners and bikerschange the lives of youth, assist the homeless, help create better trails, and many more organizations who need your help:

Events, Concerts, and Festivals
With a community of nearly 500,000 residences, there are always events and festival planners throughout the region who will be looking for volunteers. Often, you'll be granted free admission and/or provided a meal along with other perks. For instance, Chick-Fil-A Garden of the Gods plans an annual Patriot's Festival in Colorado Springs. It honors military and emergency responders in the community and includes a Walk, Run, Ride for Hero's. If you love running or biking, this is a great event to help make connections and get involved with elements of the community that you're interested in.
City of Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs has many volunteer opportunities to make a difference in our community. From parks and visitor centers to coaching options, the community is always in need of dedicated volunteers.
Great Non-Profits in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs is full of non-profit organizations, from religious to cause-driven groups. As a non-profit, budgets are small and the workload is often overwhelming for a small staff.  However, there are websites where you can learn about the volunteer opportunities, connect with theses organizations, and make a real difference. Check out for specific non-profits looking for volunteers.
Choose Your Cause
Perhaps you just want to become more active in your community or log some volunteer hours to build your resume, but you're not sure what type of organization you want to donate your time to. If so, Volunteer Match is a great resource. You'll be able to search by what you care about and plug into the best company that needs your help.

Most importantly, get involved and connect with your community. We all benefit from helping each other!