The 411 on Colorado Springs Restaurants and Entertainment

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Colorado Springs Gazette Newspaper Best of The Springs 2015

The Colorado Springs community is full of great people, places, events and more.  Now's the time to let your voice be heard and make your vote count in the Gazette's Best of The Springs 2015.

You'll have the chance to vote for community businesses and people, in categories including:

  • Arts and Entertainment
  • City Life
  • Dining 
  • Family
  • Shopping
  • Sports and Recreation

 Take time to vote and help support your local businesses, artists, actors and events in Colorado Springs!

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Hitting the ski slopes in Colorado: Guides for skiers and snowboarders

Tourist pour into our beautiful state every year by the thousands to enjoy the slopes across Colorado.  From snowboarding to skiing there are plenty of options when looking for a great mountain.  Here's a quick guide and some tips to getting prepped and hitting the slopes.

Renting or Buying Equipment
If you own equipment, get it tuned up and waxed up by the experts.  There are plenty of local businesses in Colorado Springs who can do this for you quickly and make it affordable. Most of these shops also rent equipment if you don't want to purchase your own.

Colorado Kite and Ski
2820 W Colorado Ave

The Ski Shop
1422 S Tejon St

Mountain Chalet
226 N Tejon St

Colorado Ski and Golf
2454 Montebello Square Dr

Lift Tickets
Check for coupons in the Entertainment books for daily discounts, as well as sites like LivingSocial. If you're going to be skiing or snowboarding on a regular basis, consider a season pass for even more savings. Here a great article that breaks down the various options for Colorado ski passes.

Since ski season is the high season for most mountain towns, you'll definitely be paying higher rates. However, there are often package deals and offers to help save you some money.  Consider using sites like and to find package deals. Also you may find discounted deals at the resorts website, like Winter Park Resort and Breckenridge Ski Resort.

If you're a beginner or just want to brush up on your skills, consider getting some instructional books for beginner snowboarders and skiers, or most of the ski areas offer ski lessons during the day.

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Top Ten Tips for Beinnger Snowboarders

Preparing pets as you travel for the holidays

Our pets are part of the family and our best friends. But traveling with them can be expensive and sometimes there's simply not anymore room in the car as you pack it full of kids, presents, luggage, and everything else you'll need on your holiday vacation. So we'll assume that you're leaving your pets home for your next trip - here are some resources and tips to help make the transition easier:

Pet Obedience Training
Whether your favorite dog or cat is going to the kennel or you'll have someone watching them, it will be a better experience for everyone if they're well trained.  There are various companies in Colorado Springs who specialize in pet training and obedience, or you can find plenty of helpful resources online for pet behavioral training. I've had great success with click training with my dog.
Effective Dog Training
Click Training for Dogs
Stop Cat Pee Outside the Litter Box
Potty Training Dogs

Leave something special for your pets
A new toy to chew on or some homemade dog treats will help your pet sitter immensely. Make sure you have something that can help connect your dog to their temporary caretaker and keep the dog occupied while you're away.
Homemade Dog Treat Recipes
Dog Food Secrets - What You Should Know About Your Dog Food 

Find someone to care for your pets in your home
It's always nice to have a neighbor or friend who can come by your house and check on the pets. However, the ideal situation is to have a housesitter who will be there consistently during the time you're gone.  This will also decrease the chances of burglary and keep things in order like newspapers in the driveway and an overflowing mailbox. There are even services where there is no cost to you in exchange for someone staying at your house to care for your pets and watch over other things as well.  Check out House Carers for options.

These simple steps will help make your time away a little more manageable for your furry friends.

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The Famous Steak House

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