Golden Flame Wings: It's All About the Sauce

Golden Flame Hot Wings for carry out, dine in or deliveryAnytime there's a buzz about a new restaurant, we want to be there: experiencing the food, absorbing the environment and connecting with the staff to find their passions and motivations for taking the brave step of opening shop in Colorado Springs. And we did just that at the Colorado owned and operated Golden Flame Hot Wings - there's a very good reason we've heard lots of rumblings about this wing stop and why they are quickly turning locals into regulars.

First of all, these guys are top notch when it comes to customer service. Three partners bought the franchise and are hitting the ground running, which started off with a grand opening in September 2015 where they gave away free wings for a year. Although Colorado Springs is the 4th location in the state (plan your road trips to hit their other joints in Parker, Castle Pines, and the original in Aurora which opened in 1994), we're lucky to have a unique wings place like Golden Flame. This Colorado business gives back to the local community and always treats customers like family. In fact, if you love their food you're considered a "Fam" not a "fan" and there are plenty things to love on this menu (we'll get there, patience).

So let's take the tour: Jump off Powers Blvd and head east to Tutt, swing a right and then another into the shopping center. When you walk into GFwings, you're instantly greeted by staff, surrounded by a colorful and vibrant interior, including a customized Colorado-Springs-themed mural on the back wall. Although it's all decorated and spotlessly clean, the store front and inside are fairly small since most of their business is carryout and delivery....that's right, a hot wing place that delivers! Even better, they stay open until 11pm on Friday's and Saturday's - good luck finding anything else affordable open that late!

Golden Flame Hot Wings offers 14 different wing sauces including gluten free optionsStart with some apps like hard-to-find rocky mountain oysters (this isn't seafood kids) or mac & cheese wedges. Then, choose which of their 14 dry rubs or specialty sauces you want coated on your made-to-order buffalo wings (yep, that's right = 14 wing the mountains......okay, you get it. So many Colorado analogies). Stay truly local with the Colorado favorite, "Mile High Sauce" which is a mild and tangy secret recipe. They've even considered your gluten free friends with 4 GF sauce options. Pair these with some specialty hand-cut seasoned fries and you've got a nearly complete room for a deep fried Twinkie or deep fried cheesecake.

You can't have wings without your favorite beer. Golden Flame Wings proudly serves Pikes Peak and Bristol breweries beers as part of their 4 taps (Budlight and ShockTop Belgian White also available). Sorry guys, but this is the one item you can't carry out.

So, here's a quick list of our favorite things about Golden Flame Hot Wings:
(1) locally owned and operated, giving back to the community through events and philanthropic donations to organizations like Care & Share
(3) Late night hours
(4) Specialty items like Buffalo Brats and Rocky Mountain Oysters
(5) Sauce sold it bottles to take home
(6) Wing eating challenge can get you on the Wall of Fame
(7) Local draft beers
(8) TV's in the seating area to watch the game
(9) Mash-up-of-the-Month: Try a new sauce combination each month
(10) Gluten Free items

We were truly impressed with this business and loved every bite of food. The wings here are worth the drive if you're not on the east side of town, and we all envy you if you live close enough to pop into this joint whenever you want. Most hot wings need rescued with a slathering of blue cheese or ranch but GF Wings all had a consistently amazing flavor even though each sauce is so different. We found ourselves barely using the dipping sauces with these brilliant recipes. No crazy gimmicks, just great flavors and service. It's truly a place that you'll "just go there for the wings."

Connect with Golden Flame Hot Wings for more information:
Twitter: @GFHotWings

We encourage you to support our local restaurant owners and small businesses like Golden Flame Hot Wings. Try a new local restaurant today and keep Colorado Springs economy strong!

Join the FAM Club at Golden Flame Hot Wings in Colorado Springs, CO

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Search Colorado Springs Homes for sale, rental, and open housesColorado Springs real estate is booming and experts are promising that 2016 will continue to be a hot market here in the Springs. Homes are going under contract quickly (less than 80 days on average) and buyers are benefiting most from purchasing since rental rates the highest they've ever been in Colorado Springs.
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Also, check out our list of other local apps in Colorado Springs:

Top 10 birthday specials in Colorado Springs

Like most people, I like my birthday celebration to last the entire month of my birthday. The good news is there are plenty of restaurants and places that will send you freebies to celebrate your birthday. Some are only valid for a week around your birthday, and others you can take advantage of the entire month. So, what are the best email lists and clubs to join so you have a month long birthday celebration?

1) Old Chicago World Beer Tour
Get yourself a World Beer Tour card and start working your way through their extensive list of beers. Heck, even if you don't like beer, you'll get a FREE pizza for your birthday and a free appetizer when you sign up.

2) Which Wich Vibe Club
One of my favorite places for a great sandwich, and you'll get a free 7in for your birthday. I recommend the Thank You Turkey which is like having thanksgiving leftovers on a sandwich available all year long.

3) Dickey's Barbecue Pit Big Yellow Cup Club
Join their Big Yellow Cup Club and get discounts on drinks when you bring in your plastic cup. Plus, perks for both your birthday and your Dickey's BYCC anniversary.

4) Red Robin Royalty Club
Nothing's better than a Red Robin hamburger....actually, the only thing better is a FREE Red Robin hamburger for your birthday. You can't get their specialty burgers (aka Finest Burgers), but there's still plenty of amazing choices that you'll get for free on your special day.

5) Larkburger
Again, free burger for your birthday. You can get any burger and even add bacon and cheese for no additional cost. It's number 5 in the list of "You're going to get fat this month" birthday freebies.

6) Sunbird Mountain Grill and Tavern
The Sunbird restaurant has been through a variety of management and challenges over the years. Since they've changed to the Sunbird Mountain Grill and Tavern, the atmosphere is more casual and they've instituted a Loyalty program. After you sign up, you'll get a free meal for your birthday. It's a sweet deal and still an amazing view no matter what.

7) Noodles and Company Noodlesgram
I use this one every year. It's a free bowl of noodles - whatever you want. Add chicken, try something new, and fill yourself up with a free noodles bowl. Don't miss this one because they only give you a few weeks around your birthday.

8) Baskin Robbins Ice Cream
It's small, but a nice treat on a hot day. You'll get a free scoop of ice cream for your birthday after you create an account online.

9) Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perks
Sign up and download their app for a free pretzel around your birthday.

10) McAlisters Deli DeliGrams
$5 off your meal when you present your birthday coupon. If you've never been, their food is kind of pricey, but $5 off is a great way to try it for the 1st time.

The next best is probably Starbucks which is a free drink for your birthday if you're a Starbucks Rewards member. These are my top choices, but there are plenty more with free desserts (after your purchase an entree) and other perks.
If you want additional rewards for your birthday (that usually include a purchase of some kind), check out these other email lists: Taco Bueno, Applebees, Bj's Restaurant, Nosh, Dunkin Donuts, Famous Dave's and Panera Bread.

Remember to read the fine print so you know what the coupons are good and not good for. Also, pay close attention to the expiration dates as some of them only last a few days. Most of all, enjoy your birthday month with these great Colorado Springs restaurants!

INSIDER TIP: Download a customer reward app like Flok and reap the benefits all year long. This app specifically includes a mobile punchcard for various retailers around town.  Sign up here

Beer dinners in Colorado Springs

With over 15 breweries in the Colorado Springs area, there's plenty of craft beer and tap rooms to explore in the region. As a "beer tourist" you'll easily find a beer to fit your taste from hoppy IPA's to dark stouts and porters.
Perhaps you've already sampled and tasted the various beers made locally here in Colorado Springs and you're ready for something more? The next step: attend a beer dinner to understand how pairing beer with the different foods can enhance your sampling experience.
The next upcoming beer dinner is at BJ's Brewery and the four-course dinner will feature beers from Stone Brewing (based in California).

Stone Brewing beer dinner at BJ's

Click on the photo to make your reservations today - it's cheaper in advance and the event is coming up quickly on August 24th!

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Lyft and Uber continue driving in Colorado Springs

A little over a year ago, Lyft and Uber rideshare services came to Colorado Springs. They provide an easy and cheap way for passengers to travel, much more affordable that taxi cabs and much more consistent than the Colorado Springs bus service.
While there are still a lot of concerns surrounding these services nationwide, they continue to thrive in Colorado Springs as more and more people are finding out how convenient, cheap, and friendly this new concept can be.
Riders must download a mobile app on their phone to access and request the services, but once they're set up it becomes a push of a few buttons, a short wait, and they're greeted by a friendly drive.
Prices vary based on distance and length of ride and rates vary by city, but Colorado Springs Lyft rates as of 8/8/15 are as follows:

Lyft Pricing

Base Charge$1.13
Cancel Penalty$5.00
Cost Minimum$5.00
Cost Per Mile$1.10
Cost Per Minute$0.18
Trust And Safety Fee$1.55

Plus Pricing

Base Charge$1.69
Cancel Penalty$5.00
Cost Minimum$7.00
Cost Per Mile$1.65
Cost Per Minute$0.27
Trust And Safety Fee$1.55
Download the Lyft app and start experiencing a different way to travel in Colorado Springs. Whether you're out drinking with friends or simply don't feel like worrying about parking at a large event, rideshare services can be a great affordable option.

Lyft is also accepting new drivers in the Colorado Springs area if you're looking for some extra income. New Lyft drivers can earn a bonus for signing up here and completing 30 rides in their 1st 30 days.