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Whether you're new to the Colorado Springs area, or just looking for a change in careers, there are many great free and low cost resources and options to help you find work from home opportunities, part time jobs, full time jobs, seasonal jobs, temporary employment, or simply short term gigs.

Before you start your Job Search
Make sure you have an amazing cover letter and resume created before you start your job search.  Show employers what makes you different and why you stand out.  

Brush up on your Interview Skills
Your interview is your 1st and possibly only chance to prove yourself to a new employer. Take time to research ways to have killer interview skills before your attend job fairs or schedule an interview.

Follow Colorado Springs Job Listings on Twitter
Use our Twitter list to follow local job listings and companies for up-to-the-minute opportunities:

Work from Home
Don't be fooled - work from home opportunities still take commitment and dedication. However, instead of going to an office you can work remotely to have a more flexible work schedule. Remember to set clear boundaries for your work hours and create a space where you're comfortable yet efficient.

More to come! Stay tuned!

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