Golden Flame Wings: It's All About the Sauce

Golden Flame Hot Wings for carry out, dine in or deliveryAnytime there's a buzz about a new restaurant, we want to be there: experiencing the food, absorbing the environment and connecting with the staff to find their passions and motivations for taking the brave step of opening shop in Colorado Springs. And we did just that at the Colorado owned and operated Golden Flame Hot Wings - there's a very good reason we've heard lots of rumblings about this wing stop and why they are quickly turning locals into regulars.

First of all, these guys are top notch when it comes to customer service. Three partners bought the franchise and are hitting the ground running, which started off with a grand opening in September 2015 where they gave away free wings for a year. Although Colorado Springs is the 4th location in the state (plan your road trips to hit their other joints in Parker, Castle Pines, and the original in Aurora which opened in 1994), we're lucky to have a unique wings place like Golden Flame. This Colorado business gives back to the local community and always treats customers like family. In fact, if you love their food you're considered a "Fam" not a "fan" and there are plenty things to love on this menu (we'll get there, patience).

So let's take the tour: Jump off Powers Blvd and head east to Tutt, swing a right and then another into the shopping center. When you walk into GFwings, you're instantly greeted by staff, surrounded by a colorful and vibrant interior, including a customized Colorado-Springs-themed mural on the back wall. Although it's all decorated and spotlessly clean, the store front and inside are fairly small since most of their business is carryout and delivery....that's right, a hot wing place that delivers! Even better, they stay open until 11pm on Friday's and Saturday's - good luck finding anything else affordable open that late!

Golden Flame Hot Wings offers 14 different wing sauces including gluten free optionsStart with some apps like hard-to-find rocky mountain oysters (this isn't seafood kids) or mac & cheese wedges. Then, choose which of their 14 dry rubs or specialty sauces you want coated on your made-to-order buffalo wings (yep, that's right = 14 wing the mountains......okay, you get it. So many Colorado analogies). Stay truly local with the Colorado favorite, "Mile High Sauce" which is a mild and tangy secret recipe. They've even considered your gluten free friends with 4 GF sauce options. Pair these with some specialty hand-cut seasoned fries and you've got a nearly complete room for a deep fried Twinkie or deep fried cheesecake.

You can't have wings without your favorite beer. Golden Flame Wings proudly serves Pikes Peak and Bristol breweries beers as part of their 4 taps (Budlight and ShockTop Belgian White also available). Sorry guys, but this is the one item you can't carry out.

So, here's a quick list of our favorite things about Golden Flame Hot Wings:
(1) locally owned and operated, giving back to the community through events and philanthropic donations to organizations like Care & Share
(3) Late night hours
(4) Specialty items like Buffalo Brats and Rocky Mountain Oysters
(5) Sauce sold it bottles to take home
(6) Wing eating challenge can get you on the Wall of Fame
(7) Local draft beers
(8) TV's in the seating area to watch the game
(9) Mash-up-of-the-Month: Try a new sauce combination each month
(10) Gluten Free items

We were truly impressed with this business and loved every bite of food. The wings here are worth the drive if you're not on the east side of town, and we all envy you if you live close enough to pop into this joint whenever you want. Most hot wings need rescued with a slathering of blue cheese or ranch but GF Wings all had a consistently amazing flavor even though each sauce is so different. We found ourselves barely using the dipping sauces with these brilliant recipes. No crazy gimmicks, just great flavors and service. It's truly a place that you'll "just go there for the wings."

Connect with Golden Flame Hot Wings for more information:
Twitter: @GFHotWings

We encourage you to support our local restaurant owners and small businesses like Golden Flame Hot Wings. Try a new local restaurant today and keep Colorado Springs economy strong!

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