3 great phone apps for enjoying Colorado Springs: Search, locate, review and be rewarded

There are plenty of events, restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues in Colorado Springs to keep your social life busy. Whether you're into bike riding or live entertainment, there is something for everyone.
Better yet, there are even phone apps to help you search, locate and be rewarded for your discoveries.  Check out these 3 apps that will help you in your Colorado Springs area social adventures:

Foursquare: The Ultimate City Guide
This is the must-have app which can be used throughout the world, but was started in New York so it works best in the United States. This app helps people search, locate and rate any location.  Whether you're looking for a great restaurant, shopping mall, or shoe repair store you'll find it with Foursquare along with tips and reviews from other users. You can even create searches for restaurant which may have items that meet your tastes honing in on specific things like cilantro, martinis, or strawberry shortcake.
Click here to download for Apple, Android, or Windows platforms.

IndyScene: What to do around town
Foursquare will help you find establishments, but you'll want the Colorado Springs Indy Scene app to find events, concerts, and happy hour specials throughout town. It's one of the most extensive community calendars which includes surrounding area events as well. The app is easy to use and events are searchable by day and category.

ReceiptHog: Get rewarded for your shopping
What did you buy today? Groceries? Quick trip to Target? Pet supplies? Now you can get rewarded for all these things, plus more.  Most retailers, including grocery stores like King Soopers, are eligible purchases to help you earn points towards cash or gift cards. Just take a picture of your receipt with your phone and watch the rewards pile up. It's easy and slightly addictive. Unfortunately, restaurants and gas fill ups don't count but there are plenty of other ways to earn points. Sign up here for a 10 additional bonus points to help get you started: http://tiny.cc/hpoevx

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