Great volunteer opportunities around Colorado Springs

If you're looking for a rewarding way to spend some of your extra time, there are many organizations throughout the Colorado Springs area that need volunteers! Take a look at some of these great opportunities to get more involved in your local community to get connected with runners and bikerschange the lives of youth, assist the homeless, help create better trails, and many more organizations who need your help:

Events, Concerts, and Festivals
With a community of nearly 500,000 residences, there are always events and festival planners throughout the region who will be looking for volunteers. Often, you'll be granted free admission and/or provided a meal along with other perks. For instance, Chick-Fil-A Garden of the Gods plans an annual Patriot's Festival in Colorado Springs. It honors military and emergency responders in the community and includes a Walk, Run, Ride for Hero's. If you love running or biking, this is a great event to help make connections and get involved with elements of the community that you're interested in.
City of Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs has many volunteer opportunities to make a difference in our community. From parks and visitor centers to coaching options, the community is always in need of dedicated volunteers.
Great Non-Profits in Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs is full of non-profit organizations, from religious to cause-driven groups. As a non-profit, budgets are small and the workload is often overwhelming for a small staff.  However, there are websites where you can learn about the volunteer opportunities, connect with theses organizations, and make a real difference. Check out for specific non-profits looking for volunteers.
Choose Your Cause
Perhaps you just want to become more active in your community or log some volunteer hours to build your resume, but you're not sure what type of organization you want to donate your time to. If so, Volunteer Match is a great resource. You'll be able to search by what you care about and plug into the best company that needs your help.

Most importantly, get involved and connect with your community. We all benefit from helping each other!

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