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Customer Loyalty Mobile App with push notifications and geo targeting
For years the small business marketing question has been, "How do you get customers into your store?" Businesses can hire the best employees, provide the perfect atmosphere and even run print specials and coupons in local media but none of this does any good unless customers come into the store!

Now, with the advances in technology with geo targeting and mobile applications, retailers and small business owners have an option for an all-in-one solution that engages and rewards customers. A new customer loyalty mobile app now provides the technology to give customers instant and easy access to customer loyalty punch cards, push notification specials, and opportunities to talk about their favorite establishment on social media. It's a simple mobile app but it has the power to keep customers coming back to any establishment.

What types of stores should look at using this app?
Restaurants | Coffee Shops | Bookstores | Hardware Stores | Outdoor and Sporting Goods Stores | Nail and Hair Salons | Marijuana Stores | Shoe Stores | Liquor Stores | Wine Stores | Grocery Stores and Markets | Thrift Stores | Flower Shops | Clothing Stores | Craft Stores | Ice Cream Shops | Candy Stores | Any retail location that relies on customer traffic!

What are the key advantages of the app?
FREE to your customers | Rewards customers with customized specials | Keep customers coming back with loyalty punch cards | Cutting edge technology | Geo targeting allows push notifications to customers near your store | Streamline social media efforts and get exposure with customer-initiated marketing

Now, you (the store owner) can customize and try different specials everyday or every hour depending on what's working with your customers! Don't wait for months buying into group promotion specials and then watching your profit go somewhere else. You're in control and you decide when, where, and what to offer customers.

Take a look at this exciting new tool and start seeing results:

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