Colorado Springs Resources You May Not Know About

There are times when you need information and there are times when you're just curious. Either way, here are some resources in Colorado Springs that you may not know about.

El Paso County Assessor Property Search
Want to look up information on your home, including square feet, sales history, title information? The Assessor's site provides a wealth of free public information on any address. You can even be nosy and see what your neighbors paid for the their home, the mailing address for the property (often an indication if the owner lives out-of-state), or the square footage of the home. All you need is either the address, last name, or schedule number which is located on your property tax bill you've recently paid. Even broader searches are helpful, like all the neighbors names on your street when you can't remember what "that dude's" name is every time you pass him walking his dog. In fact, once you've entered an address take a look at the left column menu for parcel maps, how the property is zoned, and even an opportunity to create your own comparable search if you're buying or selling:

Small Business Development Center
Are you starting a new business or wanting some assistance with your current business? Entrepreneurs and small business are missing great opportunities if they're not aware of their local Small Business Development Center (SBDC). We have one right here in Colorado Springs with professional coaches and mentors to consult, guide, and provide information to help you run your business better. From a library of FREE eLearning videos (covering topics like Starting Up, Managing Finances, Foundations of Marketing, etc) to workshops and resources to help you meet tax laws, there is an abundant amount of resources at SBDC Colorado Springs. Here's the best part - most of them are FREE and no matter what size your business, they are here to help you succeed. Sign up for the newsletter, join them on Twitter, and talk to a representative today to help recommend a custom plan of action. Start now at

City Crime Maps
First of all, if you've never been to you need to visit the website to see all the resources available. Whether you want to reserve a pavilion at a park, pay your parking ticket, or watch a live city council meeting there are many resources that we're confident you don't know about.
One specifically is crime maps and data. If you're preparing to move it's a valuable resource to investigate and one of the top questions people ask real estate agents. Unfortunately, real estate agents could get themselves in trouble by providing you their opinions on "the best areas to live" so often you'll be required to do your own research. Educate yourself, do your research, and if you're looking at renting or buying a specific property, make sure it's not on the meth lab list!

Resume Writing Assistance
On a lighter note, keeping your resume updated is sometimes tough, especially if you're not familiar with the latest accepted styles and trends. You can certainly pay a professional to help you create the ideal resume but there are also free resources through Pikes Peak Workforce Center (PPWFC). Specifically, workshops and one-on-one advisers to help you update your resume. Obviously, this is crucial if you're looking for a job in Colorado Springs and PPWFC can provide job listings, computer training, career planning and more to encourage you along the way. Check out the variety of resources (again, almost all free to you):

We hope this short list has opened your eyes to new opportunities, information, and resources. Certainly, there are many more gems in Colorado Springs that the average citizen may not be familiar with so we'd love to hear from you on what we forgot that needs to be mentioned. Please leave your comments below or contact us with your suggestions:


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