But I spent a ton of money on that!

Sometimes what you see as important or necessary improvements on your home may not pay off or be as important to potential buyers. Here's a great article that talks about the worst renovations and "upgrades" you can give your home when it comes to selling your home. Keep in mind, if you want the best return on your money (which still won't be full value) concentrate on kitchens and bathrooms. Along the way, you're going to have necessary improvements (like a new roof, windows, etc) but you often won't see much return on your investment.

Keep the small things in mind that can really spruce up your home for showings. Things like updating bathrooms and lighting fixtures, eye catching decor, and modernize window coverings. And perhaps most of all, having a clean and clutter free home. This includes finding ways to eliminate pet odors, minimizing clutter on shelves and in closets, and scraping the fuzzy dirt off your ceiling fan blades.

If you need assistance before listing your home for more ideas, contact a trusted real estate professional or a home stagger.

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