Teleclass for Financially Surviving your Divorce

WED, JAN 6th 2010
If you're going through a divorce situation, there are lots of details to take care. Usually, the top concerns of couples going through a divorce include selling the house, future of their kids, and their finances (perhaps not in that order). Join this teleclass and learn more about some of these important items to be covered:
  • Learn the rules regarding alimony
  • Find out how to avoid violating the child contingency rule
  • Learn if you are entitled to half of your spouse's Social Security
  • Learn how to get money out of your spouse's 401k without paying the10% penalty
  • Find out how husband and wife can both take a $250,000 exclusion from capital gains taxes even if the husband has been out of the house for many years.
  • Learn how you can save thousands of dollars instead of losing it all in your divorce!
Get registered today - the class is just around the corner!

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