Colorado Springs continues to grow - 9 people per day!

Colorado Springs continues to grow - take a look at the figures recently released.

Census 2000 Population Growth Over 1990

In 2000, the population of Colorado Springs was 360,890 people. Five years later, we made it to 369,156 and then in 2006 we reached 372,437. Keep in mind, this is just for Colorado Springs proper, not the surrounding communities such as Monument, Manitou Springs, and Fountain.

In fact, the areas that have grown the quickest in the past 6 years are Monument and Fountain. On the other end of the spectrum, Calhan, Cripple Creek, and Victor are down anywhere from 3-5%.

The Gazette breaks down the growth by area in today's edition. Take a look:

Uneven Population Shifts

In my opinion, it's a great time to be living in Colorado Springs. We're seeing the growth that gives the city the ability to "be alive and thrive". Plus, we're seeing campaigns like DAP (Downtown Action Plan) to help increase redevelopment and revitalize crucial target areas. These plans will continue to assure that The Springs will have a vibrant and exciting future.

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