Lyft and Uber continue driving in Colorado Springs

A little over a year ago, Lyft and Uber rideshare services came to Colorado Springs. They provide an easy and cheap way for passengers to travel, much more affordable that taxi cabs and much more consistent than the Colorado Springs bus service.
While there are still a lot of concerns surrounding these services nationwide, they continue to thrive in Colorado Springs as more and more people are finding out how convenient, cheap, and friendly this new concept can be.
Riders must download a mobile app on their phone to access and request the services, but once they're set up it becomes a push of a few buttons, a short wait, and they're greeted by a friendly drive.
Prices vary based on distance and length of ride and rates vary by city, but Colorado Springs Lyft rates as of 8/8/15 are as follows:

Lyft Pricing

Base Charge$1.13
Cancel Penalty$5.00
Cost Minimum$5.00
Cost Per Mile$1.10
Cost Per Minute$0.18
Trust And Safety Fee$1.55

Plus Pricing

Base Charge$1.69
Cancel Penalty$5.00
Cost Minimum$7.00
Cost Per Mile$1.65
Cost Per Minute$0.27
Trust And Safety Fee$1.55
Download the Lyft app and start experiencing a different way to travel in Colorado Springs. Whether you're out drinking with friends or simply don't feel like worrying about parking at a large event, rideshare services can be a great affordable option.

Lyft is also accepting new drivers in the Colorado Springs area if you're looking for some extra income. New Lyft drivers can earn a bonus for signing up here and completing 30 rides in their 1st 30 days.

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