Color Fun Fest 5K August 16 2014

• What:Color Fun Fest 5k is the child within that most people like to keep hidden. It is that
joyous feeling inside when you let go and really have fun. It’s seizing the day, making a memory,
and smiling uncontrollably.

Derived from the Holi Festival in India, Color Fun Fest celebrates life and seeks to bring people
together. The energy is almost unreal; when you’re standing there with thousands of people,
counting down, and throw that first batch of colored powder into the air… something inside of
you changes. It’s a real release. It’s a release of frustration, a release of anger, a release of any
negativity you may have. Letting it all go. The Holi Festival has roots in ridding oneself of past
errors, and emphasizes forgiveness. Basing Color Fun Fest on these principles, we strive for
ultimate positivity.

Pumping that energy into a 5k run, participants break through the start barrier­ ready to take on
anything. Electronic music floods the course as it pulsates through speakers, keeping up
stamina. Before you know it, there is a color station with volunteers waiting to throw more color
onto passing runners. Afterward, there is a large festival area for runners to cool down and hang
out. Featuring a local artist, the festival is driven by massive speakers and DJ entertainment,
with a vendor village full of local businesses. Choose from the day run or the night run full of
black lights, and experience something unforgettable.

Why: Color Fun Fest supports a new nonprofit called Just Care More, whose mission is to
provide underprivileged children the opportunity to better their life through promoting active
lifestyles. How do you change the world? Just care more.

Who: The team of Color Fun Fest has a colorful track record, to say the least. From extreme
sports to EDM events to epic 5k runs, the team constantly grows with experience in throwing the
best events you’ll ever attend. Brought together from different backgrounds and skill, this eclectic
team values satisfaction. Color Fun Fest takes on America in 2014, touring to upwards of 20
different cities across the country. This new company on the block seeks to make big moves in
the coming years, hoping to go international by the end of 2014.
*Event Director Jamie Leibert will be available for an interview on the day of the event [time not
specified yet].

Who should attend: Whole community­ including kids/parents, couples, groups of friends,
fitness gurus, dance enthusiasts, runners, joggers, walkers, bloggers, couch potatoes, the
young, the old, and basically everyone and anyone that likes to have fun!

When: August 16, 2014 : 2:00pm - 10:00pm

Where: Colorado Springs World Arena, 3185 Venetucci Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Media Contact: [Public Relations] Jessica Tran ­ 972.963.0228 /
volunteer: email
general questions: email
twitter: @colorfunfest
instagram: @colorfunfest

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