Get out and hike in Colorado Springs

Get out and hike in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is surrounded with amazing trails, hiking paths, biking paths, and opportunities to enjoy the wonderful outdoors right in the middle of the city. Hopefully you've discovered at least some of these, but take a look as see if there's another adventure awaiting you for the coming weekend.

Garden of the Gods 

The Garden of the Gods park is filled with options and one of the most loved tourist spots in Colorado Springs. First, because it's free but more importantly it's natural and beautiful.  Paths and trails go throughout the park, plus the road makes a 4 mile loop for cars and bikes to enjoy. Plenty of different trails weave throughout the park, plus there's a visitor center at the entrance for more information and trail guides.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space

Easy to get to and similar terrain and surroundings as Garden of the Gods park. Moderately difficult with multiple hills and up-and-down climbing, but well worth it for you, your bike, your dog, your horse, or family. There's no water at this park, so make sure to pack plenty, especially if you're from out of state.

Mount Cutler Trail

Although it's mostly uphill, this is one of the best and easiest hikes you'll  find in the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Only 1 mile to the top, where you can look down on Seven Falls and a quick hike over the other side will provide stunning views of Colorado Springs. Plus, getting there is a treat as you explore the magnificent Cheyenne Canyon.

Pikes Peak Mountain

Don't make us come rescue you, but if you want to get an early start to your day and you have layers of clothing, plenty of water, and someone with experience hiking 14'ers, this is a great option. Your main concerns here are dehydration and weather.  Make sure you play it safe and you'll be able to have a cold beer in Manitou Springs when you're done.

This isn't even close to a complete list of all the trails and open space Colorado Springs have to offer.  Some of our natural parks are located within the city, like Palmer Park and Ute Valley Park. Make sure you check out the complete list of hikes at Every Trail: and the complete list of trails, parks, and open spaces at

Pikes Peak, a 14,000+ foot mountain in Colorado Springs, CO

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