Improv Comedy Classes in Colorado Springs

Comedy improv classes
Stick Horses in Pants
The Stick Horses in Pants comedy improv group has been an icon in the Colorado Springs community since 2004. They provide clean, improv comedy shows for folks all over Colorado and up and down the front range.
In addition to Stick Horses in Pants, one of their key members, Toby Lorenc, runs his own business which provides a variety of services. Lorenc Consulting and Entertainment is focused on teaching and training others, using the concepts of improv comedy. Lorenc provides everything from corporate training, to confidence coaching and comedy improv classes.

Lorenc has just announced a new set of improv comedy classes, starting in April 2012. Beginning in April, Lorenc Consulting will be training improv classes for anyone 13+ looking for an opportunity to learn the basics of improv comedy. This introductory course will not only teach the basics of improv, but also the valuable life skills which we all need like: thinking on your feet, being more creative, and active listening. The company will also be teaching an Intermediate Improv Class, starting in May 2012.

The classes are now open for registration. Both classes are $100 per student, which includes four 2-hour sessions plus a free ticket to any Stick Horses in Pants comedy improv show, which Lorenc has been a member of since 2006.

Sign up now and let your friends now about this class. There aren't many improv classes provided in the Colorado Springs area, so take advantage of this great opportunity.

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