Indy GIVE! is a great way to support Colorado Springs non-profits

With so many non-profits in the Colorado Springs area, sometimes it's hard to even know what organizations are in need of donations. But for the last two years, the Colorado Springs Independent has made it very easy and rewarding to help Colorado Springs non-profits.

The Indy GIVE! campaign is targeting younger donors to support their local community through donating to the groups that support this community through the arts, environment, wellness, and more. All participating non-profits have been through and application and review process to be included in the campaign. This year, the public has over 40 organizations they can donate to, with a minimum $10 donation per organization.

The non-profits included truly support and enrich the Colorado Springs community.  For instance, Designated Driver of Colorado Springs provides free transportation if you've had too much to drink. Not only do they get you home, they get your car to your house too! They rely on tips, donations, and community support for their services so a campaign like IndyGive! is crucial to their survival. Read more about how their services are benefiting from IndyGIVE! Also check out some of the arts and cultural organizations who provide places to be creative, opportunities for emerging artists, and unique entertainment.

Read more about the IndyGive! campaign and make a donation today.

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