It's about time for a buyer-friendly home search

I know that many buyers are frustrated with the process of finding a home. It can be a long, exhausting series of events...and that's before you even get under contract!

Let's be honest, when you're driving around looking at homes sometimes you just don't want a real estate agent in the car with you talking your ear off about the historic statue you just passed or why the city is now using special salt treatments to melt ice on the streets. TMI as some people say. You just want to view local neighborhoods and get an idea of what homes you like, but you need an agent there to tell you the price, square footage, etc....right? I guess the other option is calling the phone number on the sign in the yard, but you know that's going to be a process as well since unlicensed assistants and front desk administrators can't give out the price on any listing (per the Colorado Real Estate Commission). Once they finally put you in touch with an agent, good luck keeping that phone call short. All you wanted was the price!

Thankfully, one company finally got smart and listened to what buyers want. VoicePad technology has opened the door to a whole new way to search for homes and I have exclusive access to this program. Simply call me before you go out, I'll give you an access telephone number, and you may call on any listing in Colorado Springs to access a recorded message to hear list price and features. Plus, you'll be able to stay organized and reminded about the homes you saw with an immediate email on each property you called on, with property information and additional photos. But perhaps the best feature of this cutting edge technology is that once you're registered with me, no other agents will be calling you back. That means no more annoying calls from agents fishing for your business and holding back property information in trade for your contact information.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is only available in Colorado Springs through RE/MAX Properties, Inc. because of our exclusive contract with VoicePad. You must contact me directly to take advantage of this service ... and keep your sanity.

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