Resources for Buyers and Sellers Who Are Ready to Make a Move

Whether you're just starting to think about selling your home, or you're wishing it would sell tomorrow, click here for some great resources. Perhaps you're looking to buy a new home soon or you've recently moved? There's something for everyone here:

If you're just starting the process, you're going to need to answer some basic questions:

Where do I want to move?
-State, City, School Districts, Neighborhoods, etc.
-Close to work, close to family....far away from family?
-Keep the resale value of homes in mind too

What's my moving budget?
-Unless someone else is paying for your move (company relocation, really generous relatives, etc) you need to be realistic and establish a budget for the move.
-This is in addition to figuring out what you can afford when looking for a new home.

What's Your Timeline?
-Is this an urgent move?
-Do you have to start a job on a specific date?
-Is your lease up soon?
-Do you have enough money to move right now?

Find a Professional.
-Make sure you find a qualified, competent REALTOR who knows the area and the local laws, and has access to resources that will benefit you. Here's a coincidence - I know a good one.
-Find a great, local mortgage broker who can help you through the financial process of purchasing a home.
Check out my website for more resources including: cost of living comparisons, help in finding rentals in Colorado Springs, tools for researching schools, 10% Discount to Lowes' Home Improvement, and local Colorado Springs Links.

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