What upgrades are the best in cost vs. value?

As a REALTOR, one of the most common questions I get is homeowners wondering what areas of their house they should be investing money to upgrade. If you only have a limited amount of money to improve your home, you obviously want to get the best return on it when you sell. I always recommend concentrating on 1) curb appeal (exterior) 2) kitchen 3) bathrooms. There are also small things you can upgrade around the home such as switchplates, lighting fixtures, baseboards, paint colors, etc. that can bring a new and vibrant look to your house. But don't just rely on my opinion, check out the study that was just released in September 2008 on remodeling projects that pay. If you don't have the time and money to invest in major projects, check out the 8 Quick Fixes instead. Most of all, I would encourage you as a homeowner to not wait until you're ready to move to remodel. I've heard it from many sellers - they fix up the house to prepare it to sell, and then they wish they could stay there because they love the new wood floors, remodeled bathroom, and rooms that have been white for 30 years that now have a paint color they love. Take pride in your investment and make it a place you love spending time.

If you're considering a remodel, contact me today and I will be happy to send you a discount certificate to Lowe's Hardware Store to begin your project.

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  1. Toby, thanks for a great post on remodeling - when to remodel and when not to. Remodeling just before moving is a tricky business. Sometimes there can be great rewards..other times every penny "invested" will be lost if the work that has been done doesnt appeal to the buyer.

    Many changes and remodels "on average" are a great idea, but one home has one buyer and they are never average.

    To consider different types of remodels the cost for each and what a home may appreciate due to remodel there is a website that has a free - instant remodeling cost calculator - it is a good place to start if you a homeowner is considering remodeling www.remodelormove.com