Would it be okay if I showed you homes on my motorcycle?

I read the Gazette newspaper this morning and saw the article called "Ripples: Gas Prices Send Waves Through the Economy" and it was an eye opener. I'm sure no one's really happy about the crazy increase in gas prices, but there are people benefiting from it. Personally, I drive quite a bit being in real estate, from showing people around to filling sign boxes with more marketing fliers, I put some decent miles on my car. Perhaps I should start showing people around on my motorcycle? But despite my frustration, some business owners are very happy such as bike shops, compact car salesman, and scooter/motorcycle salesmen. I can't say I'm thrilled about the high prices because it cuts directly into my income. All the same, I'm dedicated to serving the customer first, which means I'll probably continue to drive potential buyers around in my car rather than asking them to put on a helmet and hold on.

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