Spending money...for the same results?

Well, if you live in Colorado Springs and drive Garden of the Gods, it's been a lingering question in your mind: "Can I turn onto Rusina Road off Garden of the Gods?" It's an awful interesection and many people headed westbound on Garden of the Gods cut across the solid white line to turn right on Rusina. It's the access road to hotels, restuarants, and the Pinecliff subdivision. The intersection is poorly marked and many accidents have already happened. G of G drivers wanting to exit Rusina have to cut off drivers exiting from I-25. What's strange is CDOT just rebuilt this interesection...exactly like it was before...? WHY? This intersection has always been a problem and they had the opportunity to fix it. Apparently, according to article in the Gazette newspaper and CDOT employees, it's illegal to turn there from G of G. Which means, that anyone who wants to access those hotels and restuarants has to drive right past them, turn at Chestnut, and make the full loop back around. Now (surprise, surprise) there's a battle going on about how to resolve this issue. Check out the full article for more info, but for now, don't make the illegal turn unless you want a ticket or a serious accident. Who knows why we spent the taxpayers money to redo an intersection and not correct a major problem.

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